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Handwriting Patterns Can Be Measured Free of Charge via ShapeGenie's Basic Accounts

Disclaimer: Handwriting measurements are not intended to diagnose or treat psychiatric and neurological conditions. The purpose of handwriting measurements is to objectively quantify changes in motor control of the hands despite the diversity of factors that contribute to this control. The content on this page has not been approved by the FDA. Diagnosis and treatment should be done by licensed professionals.

objective handwriting measurements slide.png
handwriting template p1.jpeg
handwriting template p2.jpeg
handwriting template p3.jpeg

Tutorial Videos to Manually Measure Handwriting Using ShapeGenie

Part-1_Overview of Process [5 min]

Part-2_Resizing Worksheets [5 min]

Part-3_Extracting Words [6 min]

Part-4_ShapeGenie Measurements
[11 min]

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