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How to Use ShapeGenie

How to Use ShapeGenie - Part 1 - Uploading Mask Images for Radial or Parallel Grid Analysis Video [8 min]

How to Use ShapeGenie - Part 3a -
Introduction to Image Pre-Processing Tools in ShapeGenie [5 min]


How to Use ShapeGenie - Part 2 - Calculating Shape Indices in the CSV Output File [20 min]

How to Use ShapeGenie - Part 3b -
Pre-Processing Tools for Modifying Images Before Doing Radial or Parallel LCPC Analysis in ShapeGenie [13 min] 

How to Prepare Shape Outlines
(Otherwise Known as “Masks”)

Scale: Are Your Images Scaled Appropriated Before Extracting Outlines? [5 min]

Thickness: Is the Line Thickness of the Outlines 5-10 pixels Thick? [5 min]

Margins: Are the White Margins on Four Sides of the Outlines >15 pixels? [3 min]

How to Separate Mask Objects That Share Borders or Cross Borders [6 min] 

Understanding Grid Systems:
Parallel vs. Radial

What Grid System to Use? - Parallel vs Radial [8 min]

How to Prepare Shapes for Parallel Grid System [11 min]

ShapeGenie Measures Left- vs. Right-Handed Reflections Differently. Did you flip one side or the other horizontally?

Objective Orientation Yields Cleaner Data
1. Local Orientation: Nature is Full of Mini North & South Poles. Should you rotate your shapes based on their poles?
2. Global Orientation: Assume Order Within Structural Variation. Should you rotate the image before outlining the shapes within it?

Tutorials for Manually Creating Outlines in Fiji/ImageJ

Video [12 min]: Drawing Outlines Using Fiji_Part-1_Saving Outlines in the RoiManager

Video [9 min]: Drawing Outlines Using Fiji_Part-2_Polygon and Kidney Bean Tools

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