Use Cases in Life Sciences and Physical Sciences

Video [12 min]: LCPC Shape Analysis of Hill-Sachs Lesions of the Human Shoulder

Video [9 min]: LCPC Shape Analysis of Titanium Microstructure 

This also applies to tumor biology and digital pathology.

Video [18 min]: LCPC Transform on Drop Shape Analysis

Video [15 min]: LCPC Transform Analysis on Particle Shapes 

This applies to rocks, cancer cells, and brain tumors in MRIs.

Within 6 months, we reached 90% accuracy and 75% sensitivity for detecting Alzheimer's Disease. And, we only used 3 slices of an MRI stack. Eventually, we'll just need 1 slice.

BSI-53 data.png

We Created the "BSI Coordinate System" to Objectively Orient Brains, Which Allows for Objectively Identifying the Same 2D Location in Each Patient 

BSI coordinate system example.png

What is Body Mass Index (BMI)? [8 min]

The BSI Coordinate System Produces a Medical Index and Not a Direct Measure.