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1-on-1 Workshops

ShapeGenie can measure sub-dimensions of spatial information that area, volume, and variations of these two, cannot even fathom. For example, left- vs. right-handedness (otherwise known as chirality) is fundamental to nature from the molecular to organismal scales (and to correctly putting your shoes on), but measures of area and volume cannot tell the difference between left vs. right. So simple, yet so elusive (until now).


This workshop is great for high school students wanting to do science fair projects, college students who want to add an essential tool to their resume, and machine learning and computer vision researchers who want to break through the accuracy plateau created by measuring only variations of area and volume in images.

Package Features

-Learn to use three softwares: Fiji/ImageJ, ITK-SNAP, and Shape Genie.

-Learn the fundamentals of image analysis (example: best practices for shape extraction, handling MRI/CT data, preparing data for ShapeGenie, analyzing data from ShapeGenie).

-Access to a library of notes and video tutorials.

-Get a 12-month (only for students and academic labs) subscription to Shape Genie Premium.

-Get a Shape Genie Certification by passing a multiple-choice exam.


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We provide discounts for 10+ courses purchased together. We also have a sliding scale model, meaning what we charge developing nations is different than what we charge North America/EU/East Asia.

Student Testimonials

BrainScanology’s training is highly informative, valuable, and easy to understand. After learning how image analysis works, it became clear to me how it can be a valuable tool in many areas of scientific research. Through lessons about the fundamentals of image analysis, I developed important skills in experimental design, and guidance from Dr. Nguyen about ShapeGenie’s output taught me how to effectively analyze datasets. I have found the skills I developed through BrainScanology’s training incredibly valuable for both projects involving ShapeGenie and my other academic pursuits.


High School - 12th Grade

As an intern at BrainScanology Inc., I’ve constantly been amazed by the ability of ShapeGenie to quantify a simple shape into a series of data points and distinguishing patterns. Prior to using this software, I thought the only way to measure a figure was to study its perimeter, area, or volume. I’ve had the opportunity to apply this image analysis tool in my work, from analyzing intricate brain tissues to detect signs of early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease to examining the hands of patients with different stages of Rheumatoid Arthritis, to mention a few. I have no doubt that ShapeGenie will pave the way to a multitude of discoveries and breakthroughs in the field of science and engineering in the near future.


2nd Year College Student

As an intern at BrainScanology, I learned how to use the ShapeGenie platform to analyze images. I’m using ShapeGenie on a project that analyzes the Clock Draw Test to diagnose early-stage dementia and other neurodegenerative disorders. I was able to see how easy to use and effective this platform is. I hope to use ShapeGenie on future research projects that I pursue as well, and think it would be a great tool for anyone looking to start a project.


High School - 11th Grade

The 1-on-1 workshops were a great learning experience that really opened my eyes to how data analysis works in a medical setting. ShapeGenie is a unique method to analyze medical images, so learning about it was a really enriching experience. And as an aspiring physician/researcher, it has also been really helpful in finding my interests in medical research, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has any interest in pursuing a medical career in the future.


2nd Year College Student

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