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1-on-1 Workshops for High School & College Students

ShapeGenie can measure sub-dimensions of spatial information that area, volume, and variations of these two, cannot even fathom. For example, left- vs. right-handedness (otherwise known as chirality) is fundamental to nature from the molecular to organismal scales (and to correctly putting your shoes on), but measures of area and volume cannot tell the difference between left vs. right. So simple, yet so elusive (until now).


This workshop is great for high school students wanting to do science fair projects, college students who want to add an essential tool to their resume, and machine learning enthusiasts who want to break through the accuracy plateau created by measuring only variations of area and volume in images.


-Ten 1-on-1 sessions (remote, 1-hour each)

-Learn the fundamentals of image analysis (example: shape extraction, descriptive statistics, MRI data, preparing data for ShapeGenie, analyzing data from ShapeGenie)

-Get a 12-month subscription to ShapeGenie Premium (USD $7,200.00 value)

-Apply ShapeGenie to a personal project of your choice

-Get a ShapeGenie Certification

Cost: $2,500.00 USD


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